Change Mountains of Fear

Across the world we have visualized this invisible virus. It has caused havoc. Shutdowns. No school. People ill. People dying. Then fear, misinformation, distrust, the death of a Black man, protests, violence, relationships fractured, illness politicalized. On and on and on... the walls closing in on the nation... on the world. ISOLATION and more FEAR …

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Hurting Hearts Pray by Susan Werthem

New devotional is now available on Amazon Enter contest for a chance win a paperback or Kindle copy of book. "Hurting Hearts Pray'" was born out of heartache and despair. When author Susan Werthem heard the words “Your husband has cancer,” she desperately needed the hope that only God can provide. At times her prayers …

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Share HIS Word ~ by susan werthem

1833 Why is that year so important? It is the year that the avocado was brought to America, Florida to be specific, according to LifestyleTopia.Net. The story goes that it was initially discovered by Spanish travelers when they explored the jungles of Central America and the Caribbean. Can you imagine? Trudging through the forest, seeing …

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We are part of the solution

Sadly again SUICIDE is in the headlines.

I recently read that approximately every 40 minutes someone in the world takes their own life. What a sobering stat!

When I was in college I was one of those persons that ANSWERED the suicide hotline in Gainesville, FL. My shift was from 8 pm to 12 am. During those hours many people (of which a high percentage were students) suffered from despair. Listening to those calls, having peers contact police while I was on the phone with someone who made an attempt was more than challenging; my prayer is that we made a difference.

Are you or one of your loved ones at risk of suicide?

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, please call someone. The National Suicide Hotline number is 1-800-273-8255.

I pray that each of us are more aware of the inner turmoil the people around us are experiencing. Reach out to them.

Reposting a previous blog of mine from 2016.

Susan Werthem

This afternoon I sat back in my recliner, put my feet up and opened Facebook. Looking for something sweet and cute to view…perhaps another animal video, a yummy recipe, or someone’s vacation pictures.

Instead I read a friend’s FB post about a person she follows on Twitter who lives in the UK. He had just posted he had taken an overdose of pain medication…90 pills!!

She had been unable to contact the UK police. So now what?

We are on the other side of the Atlantic, but that was not going to stop me from reaching out. I thought perhaps the USA Suicide Hotline might help, but they cannot do anything about international suicide attempts.

Next I looked at his Twitter account…just who is he and where does he live? Would he have his location listed on his Twitter account? YES!

His hometown was listed. I knew my phone did…

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Finding hope in the middle of the bird poop

Today as I sat at my vendor table selling my art and devotional books I suddenly was covered with bird poop. Okay not covered; just on my arm and elbow and thankfully not in my hair! The Bible tells us that God watches over the Sparrow; so my question is while God was watching that …

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From Frustration to Laughter

In just a few weeks I will be attending a 5 Day Speakers' Training Conference in Branson, Missouri through Christian Communicators. What a thrill!! What do I expect? A LOT! Some of the expectations include: Event Planning Clarifying my Ministry Improving my Speaking Skills Learning more about Sharing my Story Developing new Friendships Following God's Lead …

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When Crabby Means Friends

Meet the Crabby Girls. We are a group of ladies that graduated from Seabreeze High School in 1971. We get together once a month for dinner. Sometimes we have nearly 30 in attendance; other times as few as 6. These gatherings started about 2 years ago after our 45th HS Reunion. We discovered many of us …

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